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Financial Disputes and Divorce Settlement Assistance in Coventry and Rugby

At Kundert Solicitors, we provide a wide variety of specialised social services, including divorce settlement and finance law advise. We are based in Coventry and Rugby, offering services across the Midlands with discretion and compassion. It is our aim to provide clients with clear, honest advice at affordable prices.

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is a challenging time for everyone involved. There may be several disputes and issues that require resolution in a flexible and compassionate way. At Kundert Solicitors, our experienced divorce settlement team specialise in advising and guiding you through:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Social services
  • Finances
  • Cohabitation disputes and more

We Specialise in
Finance Law and Domestic Violence

Family law is a multifaceted area. Personalised, expert advice and discretion is necessary to provide each case with the care and attention it deserves. Based in Coventry and Rugby, we provide specialised legal assistance for help overcoming domestic violence. We also assist with financial matters that inevitably occur with the breakdown of a relationship.


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Children and Families Public Law
Domestic Violence Injunctions

Court Orders and
Child Protection Assistance

When a relationship breaks down, the needs of the children are paramount. Out experienced team provide several child protection resources, social services and networks to ensure that the wellbeing of any child is catered for throughout a dispute or legal proceeding.

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