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Childcare Arrangements Negotiated in Coventry and Rugby

Our child care team advises and represents parents and other family members in applications brought by the social services department for care or supervision orders and can provide advice even before proceedings are brought. We are able to check eligibility for Legal Aid or Legal Help

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We provide support with the following and more:

  • Legal Aid Eligibility – We are able to consider your eligibility for Legal Aid and for the services listed below and whether it is applicable. Certain cases you are entitled to legal aid regardless of your income/capital. Those cases that are means and  merit tested – to determine if you  are eligible for Legal Aid will need to provide proof that you are unable to meet the legal costs by providing details and evidence of your income , benefits, savings, and property and those of your partner and other adults over the age of 18 living in the property. If you would like to see whether you would qualify for Legal Aid, please contact us to find out further details.
  • Child Protection Case Conference – When a Social Worker calls into question “good enough parenting” a Child Protection Conference will be held to discuss a child’s future safety, health and development with family members and professionals. The Conference will aim to look at the circumstances to determine the best approach to protect the child.
  • Letter Before Proceedings Meetings – Also known as a Pre-Proceedings Meeting (PLO), these letters provide concerns of the Local Authority and the help that has been provided by Children’s Services. Parents are invited to these meetings accompanied by a Solicitor to obtain legal advice to understand the seriousness of the Local Authority concerns. A strategy or support plan is created to try and avoid going care proceedings being issued. Our team of Solicitors are able to represent those needing support and representation. Legal aid is available regardless of your income/capital.
  • Care Proceedings – If Children’s Services deem that the strategies put in place have been unsuccessful or ineffective and the child is suffering significant harm or potentially at risk of future significant harm, the Local Authority can apply to the court for permission to take action to protect the child. This is achieved by the Local Authority obtaining a Care Order to remove the child from the family home. Our team of Solicitors are able to represent the child, parents, Children’s Guardian’s and extended family members within proceedings. Legal aid is available for parents or holders of parental responsibility regardless of your income/capital.
  • Emergency Protection Orders – In emergency situations, the Loal Authority can apply to the Court for immediate short-term protection. The police can use Police Protection Orders/Powers to remove the child. This can only be done if there is reasonable cause to believe that the child will suffer significant harm if not removed by the Local Authority and if Section 47 enquiries have not been successful with refusal of access to the child, the Local Authority can have reason to believe that access is needed as a matter of urgency.  Legal aid is available for parents or holders of parental responsibility regardless of your income/capital.
  • Advice on Special Guardianship Orders – A Special Guardianship Order (SGO), is a private law order made by the Family Court. As a special guardian, the individual will have parental responsibility for the child until the age of 18. Those that can apply for a Special Guardianship Order are extended family members and friends of the family. We are able to provide advice surrounding Special Guardianship Orders and assist with applying to the Family Court seeking permission to apply on the individual’s behalf.
  • Applications to Discharge Care Order – If your child remains subject to a Care Order, in your care or the care of someone else, considering the circumstances of the child it is possible for an application to be made to end the care or supervision order. An application will be provided to the Court for the child’s current circumstances to be considered and to see whether the order in place is still needed. We are able to offer advice involving applications to discharge a care order and also apply on the individual’s behalf.

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Our Law Society Children Panel accredited Solicitors also represent children and Children’s Guardians in care cases when appointed by the court to do so. Children’s Guardians may also appoint our solicitors to provide representation in contact and residence disputes where the court has directed that the children should be separately represented from their parents. We also provide advice and representation to those seeking to adopt children.

Our child care team comprises Sarah Warwick who is the Partner in charge of the department, Rachael Doran and Jo Mason (Trainee Solicitor) are also specialist solicitors representing either the child, parents or family members in care proceedings. Most of our child care team are on the Law Society Children Panel. The department also has the support of 1 paralegals.

The majority of our work is funded by legal aid. We act for parents, other relatives, foster carers and the children themselves and this is an area of law where Legal Aid is usually available irrespective of your financial position. Where legal aid is not available we offer competitive rates.

The welfare of the child is always the most important consideration in proceedings relating to children and our specialist child care team will provide high quality advice and representation in the very complex and emotional issues involved in such proceedings. There is no need to feel alone. We can provide expert legal advice from our team of extremely proficient and experienced lawyers whose aim it is to ensure that your rights are protected.

We have offices based in Coventry and Rugby.

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